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Some Honey, Honey?

Posted by BBN on 9/1/2012 to Do It Yourself Recipes
As I made my daily green tea with honey and lemon drink this morning I began to think about the inevitable fact that winter is just around the corner.  Winter is a time for hot tea, coffee beverages, hot chocolate and the occasional hot toddy.  I’ve found that honey blends perfectly with all of these drinks.  But I also began to think about all the other things I use this golden delight for.  Not only do I put it to my favorite drinks, soap recipes and food recipes but I put it on my body quite often.  I never really thought about how much I use it or why I seem to always have it stocked in my pantry until today.

What is Soap Scum?

Posted by BBN on 8/15/2012 to Soap
Soap scum is a white or gray filmy layer that covers the surfaces around our showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Soap scum is actually formed thanks to minerals in your water that combine with the wonderful oil and moisturizing elements in your soaps.  Get rid of those minerals and you get rid of the scum.  Soap is getting a bad wrap.  It shouldn’t be called soap scum at all should it?  Maybe water scum is a better name.  Let’s just call it what it is.

Ahhhh…..The aroma of Lavender!

Posted by BBN on 7/31/2012 to Essential Oils
Essential oils are one of the true wonders of nature. The oils are stored in the cells of the plants, in places like the leaves/needles (mint and pine), the flowers (rose or chamomile), bark (cinnamon), the roots (ginger ), the skin/rind (citrus fruits) or in the seeds (anise). They are the “essence” of the plant.

One Soap, Two Uses

Posted by BBN on 7/20/2012 to Soap
Do you love your natural handcrafted soap bar in the shower for the silkiest skin ever?  How about as a shampoo? A natural handcrafted soap bar can definitely be used to shampoo your hair!  The soap will typically contain an excess of oils added to the mixture that provides two benefits:

Bath Salts they’re supposed to be for RELAXATION, right?

Posted by BBN on 7/8/2012 to Do It Yourself Recipes
“Ivory Wave”, ” Purple Wave”, “Vanilla Sky”, and “Bliss”—- are all among the many street names of a so-called designer drug known as “Bath Salts”. We thought bath salts were for relaxing in a state of aromatherapy, after a long day at the office?

Benefits of Milk Soaps

Posted by BBN on 1/16/2011 to Soap
There is a long history of using milk in soaps and other skin care products.  In fact milk has been used in bath products since ancient times.  Cleopatra, rumored to have had beautiful skin, was said to have taken daily milk baths.  But what, if any, benefit does your skin get from these popular products?

Healing Your Skin After Too Much Sun

Posted by BBN on 7/17/2010 to Do It Yourself Recipes

I spent my days on the beach reading or in the water.  Although I used my sun block religiously I still got a little burned.  I have to admit the one day I didn’t use it is the day I went wave running and ended up with tingling skin.  So that night I decided I had better treat myself to a little “skin healing” before I headed back into the sun.

After dinner I took a cool shower then headed into the kitchen to find something to mix up as mask for my face, neck and shoulders.  I loved it so much I have to share the recipe.

Becoming a Soapmaker

Posted by BBN on 6/13/2010 to Soap
I was recently reading a book that discussed the Top Ten Events in the process of becoming a Soapmaker (The Everything Soapmaking Book, by Alicia Grosso).  It’s a good book by the way, for those starting out.  Well, the list made me think back to the days when I was just dabbling in the art of making soap.  Never did I think I’d become so addicted.

Do We Need Antibacterial Cleaners?

Posted by BBN on 6/6/2010 to Do It Yourself Recipes
As the debate continues, millions of people use antibacterial soaps and household cleaners every day, believing that their germ killing ability will keep their families healthier.  Could these same chemicals that fight germs also be hazardous to your health? 

Is it Soap? Is it a Cosmetic or a Drug?

Posted by BBN on 6/4/2010 to Soap

The FDA regulates cosmetics and drugs.  What determines how a product is classified is the intended used for the product.  The way in which firms market a cosmetic can make it a drug, or how a firm markets a drug can make it a cosmetic.  So what is soap?

Natural or NOT!

Posted by BBN on 5/26/2010 to Skin Health
In March if this year the results of a study commissioned by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a watchdog group, was released. This study assessed levels of a carcinogen in leading “natural”, “organic” and conventional brands of personal care and household cleaning products. The full press release and a copy of the follow-up testing results can be found and downloaded at: along with a fact sheet on petrochemical carcinogen 1,4-dioxane.

Why I Love "Real" Soap

Posted by BBN on 5/22/2010 to Soap
Did you know most of the commercial soap bars that line most grocery stores� shelves are actually synthetic detergents? 

All The Technology

Posted by BBN on 5/16/2010 to Miscellaneous
I’ve spent this afternoon trying to get better educated on the features of, Facebook, and Twitter and how to get them all to work together.  I officially have a headache now.  So, that means it’s time to unwind in the kitchen with some oils, butter, herbs, a little music and a lot of soap making.  Have a beautiful weekend.

Welcome To Our Blog

Posted by BBN on 5/13/2010 to Miscellaneous
Well world, I’ve finally given in to positive peer pressure and started a blog.  I intend to use this blog as a forum for sharing information about the soap and body care industry from the perspective of a small business owner and consumer of handmade, skin healthy and natural products.  I hope you find the information I post here to be both informative and entertaining.  And I encourage you join me in the discussion.

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 Some Honey, Honey?
 What is Soap Scum?
 Ahhhh…..The aroma of Lavender!
 One Soap, Two Uses
 Bath Salts they’re supposed to be for RELAXATION, right?

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